Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Song 5: Break In, Break Out (Intrumental)

So here it is: the product of many painstaking hours of button-mashing on my new phone. So yes, to clarify - this was composed and mixed in its entirety on a smartphone. It was only brought onto a computer to boost the volume a bit and upload it. At the moment I've chose to post it as just an instrumental track - singing into the phone proved to be a bit problematic and there really isn't software available (at least that I've found) to do the job properly. I may still choose to add some vocals later - we'll see. Anyhow, hope you like it. Take care.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Song 5 : An Ambitious Endeavour

As a new owner of my first smartphone this month's song will be composed entirely on the phone itself (Android) using an app called "Caustic" among others.  Stay tuned. 

P.s. this is also my first post on the phone... the future is here... ha ha ha (sadistic laugh)