Saturday, July 9, 2011

Song 1 - DITR: Lyrics & Feedback

So there's been a request that I post some lyrics for those of you having trouble understanding what I'm singing. The ideas are a bit fragmented but here they are:



sweet thing take your hardest swing
no matter if you stumble or fall to your knees
they say that your skin is though
you lily of the valley, my diamond in the rough
a diamond in the rough

and it don't have to hurt so much
you just have to call their bluff
and even when you've had enough
no you're just no giving up
and if you choose to run this race
and finish in dead last place
i know that your arms will be raised
and a smile on your face

chase dreams like they all grow wings
just beyond your grasp soon beyond your reach
your heart's racing but your feet won't stop
steps from the finish and eyes on the top

sometimes you'll take a road just to see how far it goes
so take this road and it will take you home


At this point I'm also happy to welcome any comments / feedback.  It's more than likely I'll be packaging these songs together as an album after the year so I might be reworking some of them before then.  Again, hope you liked it and have a great rest of the weekend.  I'll be writing soon to introduce the start of 'Song 2'.  Until then...

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