Friday, July 8, 2011

Song 1 - Day 30: DITR has arrived!!!

Well 30 days are up and here's the first song as promised. I suppose it's technically called "Diamond in the Rough" but when I did a google search for it I discovered it's a very overused song title... so I've settled for the acronym "DITR". In my first post I had mentioned the possibility of selling each song for a bit of change - I still plan to do that eventually but for now this one is FREE! So feel free to download it and enjoy on the go. I would only ask that if you like what you hear then please spread the word - I'm trying to build a bit of a fan base for this project and I could use your help. So again, thanks for following over the past 30 days - stay tuned for Song 2 which will be due on August 7th and enjoy the listen.

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