Thursday, June 9, 2011

Song 1 - Day 1: An Introduction

So here's the scoop.  The video below should (however awkwardly) explain all the particulars of why I'm starting this blog; but here's a few bullet points to give you the quick rundown:

  • Today, June 9th - is Day 1 of Song 1 (despite the video saying 'June 7th)
  • By Day 30 (July 9th) - I will have written / produced / recorded a new song for your listening enjoyment
  • This 30 day cycle will continue for at least a year (12 songs)
  • Throughout the 30 day cycles I will do my best through regular posts to keep you up to date with the progress and perhaps share some "sneak peeks", ideas and rough cuts
  • On Day 30 the full song will be available to stream for free and download at a minimal fee (TBD)
  • These updates can be monitored either here on the blog or through this facebook fan page
  • The more people who follow the more pressure I have to stick to this.  So please help me out and spread the word.  Thanks.

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